Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Student Union-

Incharge of Student Union- Dr. Rajini Sharma- Assistant Professor- Geography.

Elected office bearers for session 2019-20

S.No. Photo Name of Student Designation Course Semester


Himanshu Manral  President B.A. 5th


 Pushpa  Secretary  B.A. 5th


 Sanjay Kumar  Treasurer  B.A.







 Pravesh Sauthiyal  University Representative  B.A. 5th
5 1.6 Neema Jeena   B.A  4th  
6 1.7 Pradeep Mavri   B.A  5th  
7 1.8 Ritu   B.A  4th 
  • The College follows the constitution as laid down by Kumaun University in accordance with Lingdoh Committee recommendations.
  • Student works for the welfare of students and co-operates  college administration. It organizes every year various competitions like- Debate Competition, Quiz Competition, Self Composed Poetry, Speech, Group Song, Dance Competitions, etc., for the overall personality development of  students. It never indulges in destructive works.
  • Student Union(2018-19) has done a remarkable job. It has donated 10 tree -guards to the college for the safe guard of newly planted plants.
  • It always helps organizing out reach programme viz. Sweep, rallies, data collection under ASER project etc.
  • During 2018-19 student union has cooperated college administration in increasing the attendance ratio of students in classes .It has strongly motivated the students to come college uniform.
  • Student union office bearers have tried their best for starting of PG classes inthe college.




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